Jonathan Creek s04e04 The Seer of the Sands (2003) – 7/10 black comedy crime drama TV review

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Cast / crew
Jonathan Creek: Alan Davies
Carla Borrego: Julia Sawalha
Writer: David Renwick
Adrian Edmondson: Brendan Baxter
Lorelei King: Geraldine Vaccara
Jonathan Kydd: Mickey Daniels
Eve Polycarpou: Andonea
Producer: Verity Lambert
Director: Sandy Johnson

Jonathan Creek s04e04 The Seer of the Sands (2003)

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Justin Mallory – “ghost hunter” and investigator into the spirit world – is a man dedicated to exposing fraud and exploitation in all its forms. But when he dies in a tragic boating accident and his body mysteriously disappears, is it possible that he has been wrong, and that his spirit is desperately trying to communicate with his lover Geraldine? Once again, Jonathan Creek and Carla Borrego try to solve the mystery.


The plot and gags are fiendishly imaginative and unpredictable but one wonders why we had to have an F-word, courtesy of the inexplicable source of most of this series’ unpleasantness, Adam Klaus. Yet the mix of the incredibly macabre and the very funny is probably at it’s apex in this episode. The SPOILER dwarf bodyguard is a great gag in itself but it leads to a gag so macabre, so unexpected, so grimly funny, it really is awesome. Additionally, revelations about how street magicians do their business and the difference between the reality and the edited television presentation are enlightening.

This Jonathan Creek episode contains a single sexual swear word, bad language, unpleasant scenes, macabre scenes

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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