Agatha Christie’s Murder at the Gallop (1963) – 6/10 murder mystery movie review

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Cast / crew
Executive Producer: Lawrence P. Bachmann
Margaret Rutherford: Miss Marple
Robert Morley: Hector Enderby
Flora Robson: Miss Milchrest
Charles Tingwell: Inspector Craddock
Katya Douglas: Rosamund Shane
Screenplay Writer: James P. Cavanagh
Novel Writer After the Funeral: Agatha Christie
Producer: George H. Brown
Director: George Pollock

Murder at the Gallop, Agatha Christie’s (1963)

Miss Marple has to investigate personally when the police refuse to believe that a wealthy old man died of anything other than a heart attack.


While the ending is significantly messed up (you’ll know who dun it but won’t be certain why the murderer killed who they did and who, indeed, was murdered), the journey in the company of Margaret Rutherford’s indestructible Miss Marple is a delight. It’s also before-it’s-time self-aware as Miss Marple proclaims to Inspector Craddock that “Agatha Christie should be compulsory reading for the police force.” The plot is taken from Poirot novel After the Funeral but the clever sleight of hand of the original is deployed without clarity or motive, thus removing the backbone of the movie. So while this may not be Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple exactly, it is very much Margaret Rutherford’s, and, as such, is rather good fun.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.



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