Overlord (2007) – 6/10 real-time strategy third-person action game review

Cast / crew

Overlord (2007)

After being resurrected, the Overlord, with the help of his minions, has to re-conquer the lands that were once his by defeating the heroes that now rule.


Overlord is a good game design buried under technical, camera and control deficiencies. Still, there’s always a lot of charm to offset the problems. Set design is rather good with a lovely chunky character to all the buildings. While the human populace are blandly designed and there only appears to be two voice actors (one male, one female), the fantasy populace are much more fun. I always appreciate effort put into facial hair and the dwarves have terrific moustaches. While your Overlord spends his entire time walking around like he’s wet his armour and being told what to do by Gnarl and your mistress (not very Overlord-ish), the minion design is rather better; fun and eager and a clever balance of looking evil and horrible without looking evil and horrible. Their surprising charm (if not artificial intelligence) helps make this ambitious but flawed game well worth playing.

This game contains adult dialogue and fantasy violence, unpleasant scenes.

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