Page Eight (2011) – 6/10 British intelligence services drama TV movie review

Cast / crew
Bill Nighy: Johnny Warricker
Rachel Weisz: Nancy Pierpan
Holly Aird: Anna Hervé
Ewen Bremner: Rollo Maverley
Judy Davis: Jill Tankard
Tom Hughes: Ralph Wilson
Felicity Jones: Julianne Warricker
Marthe Keller: Leona Chew
Alice Krige: Emma Baron
Saskia Reeves: Anthea Catcheside
Michael Gambon: Benedict Baron
Ralph Fiennes: Alec Beasley
Producer: David Heyman
Producer: David Barron
Writer: David Hare
Director: David Hare
Executive Producer: Bill Nighy

Page Eight (2011)

Intelligence Analyst Johnny Warricker is left standing without a chair but with a potentially damaging file when his friend and MI5 Director General Benedict Baron dies (of natural causes). As he tries to discover what the import of the information in the file is, his life is complicated by a beautiful neighbour who is trying to find out the truth regarding her brother’s death in Iraq.


This is full of people saying writerly things and, like wrong hair, suffers from being unconvincing and inexplicable enough to distract, not least in a baffling would-be romantic relationship between Bill Nighy and Rachel Weisz. But this low-key espionage drama is largely intriguing, interesting and watchable. Michael Gambon is the clear cast stand out largely because he’s having so much fun and it’s infectious but Nighy and Weisz are also terrific, despite writer / director David Hare stupidly insisting on a romantic attraction. While his performance is fine, Ralph Fiennes doesn’t work as Prime Minister simply because he hasn’t got enough hair. It’s the wrong hair.

This movie contains sexual swear words.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

One thought on “Page Eight (2011) – 6/10 British intelligence services drama TV movie review

  1. My two word review; ‘nothing happens.’

    I thought it was a very slow opening episode of a series…but I was mistaken; it was merely the most boring ninety minutes of drama I’ve ever seen. I kept on watching just to see if something would happen – but it didn’t.

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