Limbo (2010) – 9/10 puzzle platform game review

Cast / crew
Creator and Director: Arnt Jensen
Producer: Mads Wibroe
Programmer Boy: Thomas Krog
Animator Boy: Thomas Krog
Lead Game Designer: Jeppe Carlsen
Lead Level Designer: Jeppe Carlsen

Limbo (2010)

A boy must travel from left to right and overcome the ingenious obstacles in his path.


Brilliantly designed puzzle game which has clearly been play-tested and polished to near-perfection. The only misstep occurred late on (something I thought was a sign, and so just went flying past, was a switch) but that might be just me. Despite almost no instructions, prompts and hand-holding, the mechanics of the game are communicated wonderfully and frustration is avoided because checkpoints are sensible and the tools to make progress are always clear, it’s determining how to use them for each bite-size obstacle that provides the challenge. The satisfaction from completing each ingenious segment is a delight.

This game contains optional extreme and graphic silhouetted violence.

Classified 18+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for adults who have reached the age of 18 or over..
Classified Violence by PEGI. Game contains depictions of violence.

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