Dragon Age: Origins (2009) – 8/10 fantasy action role-playing game review

Cast / crew
Executive Producer: Dan Tudge
Project Director: Dan Tudge
Executive Producer: Mark Darrah
Project Director: Mark Darrah
Lead Designer: Brent Knowles
Lead Designer: Mike Laidlaw
Lead Designer: James Ohlen
Art Director: Dean Andersen
Lead Programmer: Ross Gardner
Voice Over Producer and Director: Caroline Livingstone
Producer: Derek French
Producer: Vanessa Kade
Producer: Kevin Loh
Producer: Kyle Scott
Engine Architect: Derek Beland
Engine Architect: Paul Roffel
Peter Renaday: Duncan
Kate Mulgrew: Flemeth
Tim Curry: Arl Howe
Corinne Kempa: Leliana
Simon Templeman: Loghain
Claudia Black: Morrigan
Steven J. Blum: Oghren
Mark Hildreth: Sten
Susan Boyd Joyce: Wynne
Jon Curry: Zevran

Dragon Age: Origins (2009)

The Land of Ferelden, home to humans, elves and dwarves, is under attack by a Darkspawn horde invigorated by the discovery and release of an Archdemon. As the Grey Wardens prepare to do their duty and lead Ferelden’s army into battle – for only they can slay an Archdemon – the treacherous Teryn Loghain is about to seize this opportunity to take control of the country.


This turns out to be a great game thanks to the sheer weight of fun, interesting, intriguing and surprising gameplay and story that follows an uninvolving start – something typical of the genre. Story writers for games just refuse to learn that the player will not have an emotional attachment just because you tell them a character is your mother or father. So you aren’t bothered when they’re killed. Later on, after spending fifty hours with other characters, you are bothered when they leave you to become a wandering drunk, you stubborn, stupid entirely understandable fool. While there’s no sense that the world carries on without you and characters with their clothes off look bizarre, the game (on PC) looks terrific, quests frequently feature interesting decisions, the generous spots of humour show welcome humanity, and the rewarding combat is as simple or tactical as you want it (and can be altered during gameplay at any time without penalty, thank you). Though it should have just been called Dragon Age. What is it with Americans and their subtitles? They sure love them some colons.

This game contains bad language, adult dialogue and strong, gory violence with an hilarious option to leave you peppered with gravity resistant blood splatters that are way too big and sex scenes.

Classified 18+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for adults who have reached the age of 18 or over..


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