Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening (2010) – fantasy action role-playing game sequel DLC review

Cast / crew
Producer: Fernando Melo
Lead Designer: Ferret Baudoin
Project Manager: Adriana Lopez
Lead Programmer: Owen Borstad
Quality Assurance Lead: Jason Leong
Greg Ellis: Anders
Adam Leadbeater: Justice
Simon Chadwick: Nathaniel Howe
Steven J. Blum: Oghren
Natalia Cigliuti: Sigrun
Jamie Glover: The Architect
Dee Dee Rescher: The Mother
Robin Sachs: Varel
Grey Delisle: Velanna

Dragon Age: Origins Awakenings (2010)

With the Blight over and the Archdemon slain, it comes as a great surprise when you arrive in your new arlship and the new Ferelden Grey Warden Headquarters Vigil’s Keep, previously under the governance of Rendon Howe, and find devastation wrought by darkspawn under the leadership of one that can talk, reason and lead.


Perhaps it’s because it didn’t need the slow introduction of the main game but this supremely entertaining sequel to Dragon Age: Origins starts at full pace and doesn’t let up giving you lots of little quests to keep you busy, interspersed with the occasional impossible decision, peppered with a lot of funny, fun dialogue. It even has a secret room, at last!

This Dragon Age: Origins game contains mild swear words and strong, gory violence with an hilarious option to leave you peppered with gravity resistant blood splatters that are way too big, unpleasant scenes and non-sexual nudity.


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