Dragon Age: Origins – Leliana’s Song (2010) – 7/10 fantasy action role-playing game DLC review

Cast / crew
Cinematic Designer: Ryan Ebenger
Cinematic Designer: Jonathan Epp
Cinematic Designer: Michelle Pettit-Mee
Technical Designer: Cori May
Technical Designer: Keith Warner
Writer: Lukas Kristjanson
Lead Producer: Fernando Melo
Producer: Rob Bartel
Producer: Dan Lazin
Corinne Kempa: Leliana
Kath Soucie: Marjolaine
Adam Howden: Silas
John Ullyatt: Sketch
Mark Meer: Tug

Dragon Age: Origins Leliana’s Song (2010)

What was Leliana up to before she entered the Chantry and met the Warden? Well, she was a naughty girl.


Prequel to Dragon Age: Origins. Fun opening quests; before fleshing out the details we learned during her personal quest in the main game. Story doesn’t quite match up with Leliana’s recounting in Origins but we do get an interesting look into the Mother of the Chantry (who was seduced by Marjolaine) and the switch between Leliana having fun and then getting betrayed is interesting and well done. The dialogue more frequently doesn’t seem to follow on from itself. The ending isn’t exactly satisfying (there isn’t one exactly; Leliana says she won’t tell us what happened between her and Marjolaine) and the difficulty spike for the final boss is rather extreme.


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