Dragon Age: Origins – The Golems of Amgarrak (2010) – fantasy action role-playing game DLC review

Cast / crew
Lead Designer: Ferret Baudoin
Technical Designer: Mark Barazzuol
Technical Designer: Craig Graff
Technical Designer: David Sitar
Cinematic Designer: Jonathan Epp
Writer: Sheryl Chee
John Ullyatt: Brogan
Adam Howden: Darion
Brian Bloom: Jerrik

Dragon Age: Origins Golems of Amgarrak, The (2010)

The Warden comes to the assistance of Jerrik Dace and helps him search for his brother, presumed lost, after an expedition in to the Deep Roads to recover the secrets of golem construction.


Despite an impressively gross boss, I didn’t think this was much fun. I suspect this is because it doesn’t feature any of your companions from the main game. It also irritates me when principal characters don’t have to accept when a relative is dead and insist they can keep living if the heroes refuse to believe it; as if it’s largely a being’s will that keeps them alive. It demeans and undermines the entire concept of death.

This Dragon Age: Origins game contains mild swear words and strong, gory violence with an hilarious option to leave you peppered with gravity resistant blood splatters that are way too big.


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