Dragon Age: Origins – Witch Hunt (2010) – fantasy action role-playing game DLC review

Cast / crew
Lead Designer: Ferret Baudoin
Technical Designer: Mark Barazzuol
Technical Designer: Jason Hill
Technical Designer: Kaelin Lavallee
Technical Designer: David Sims
Cinematic Designer: Ryan Ebenger
Cinematic Designer: Michelle Pettit-Mee
Writer: Sheryl Chee
Writer: David Gaider
Writer: Jennifer Brandes Hepler
Lead Producer: Fernando Melo
Producer: Heather Rabatich

Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt (2010)

Morrigan left following the Archdemon’s defeat (just like she said she would) but after hearing reports of a witch matching her description leaving her mark on various communities across Ferelden, the Warden seeks to catch up with her and find out if she needs help… or stopping.


It’s enough; a bite-size DLC with a couple of new characters, a couple of hours of gameplay and a couple of moments with Morrigan. The climax is a bit weak with a big boss battle as a combat high contrasting poorly with the unsatisfying conversation with Morrigan. Perhaps it was in character for her to keep her cards close to her ample chest but it doesn’t make for a great punctuation point for the conclusion of a DLC. Still, glad to be back in Ferelden.

This Dragon Age: Origins game contains mild swear words and strong, gory violence with an hilarious option to leave you peppered with gravity resistant blood splatters that are way too big.


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