Doctor Who 33.07 A Good Man Goes to War (2011) – 7/10 science fiction adventure TV review

Cast / crew
Matt Smith: The Doctor
Karen Gillan: Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill: Rory Williams
Writer: Steven Moffat
Producer: Marcus Wilson
Director: Peter Hoar
Alex Kingston: River Song
Frances Barber: Madame Kovarian
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Cybermen: Kit Pedler
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Cybermen: Gerry Davis
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Silurians: Malcolm Hulke
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Sontarans: Robert Holmes
Writer (Characters’ Creator) Ood and Judoon: Russell T. Davies

Doctor Who 33.07 Good Man Goes to War, A (2011)


Tightly written and irresistibly paced as the Doctor (who doesn’t even appear for the first twenty minutes) conspires to subdue, without bloodshed, an asteroid stronghold defended by two armies. His late appearance proves thematically important as the fear of his reputation as someone who will bend time, space and anything else he wishes to his will is just as powerful as his presence. It’s an intriguing backbone to all the sci-fi ‘splosions and shooting. It’s cool to see all various races back and the acting is a little more consistent from the non-Matt Smith cast than it has tended to be this season. While, the series-motif of constantly blurting into tears is rather more justified here, it still seems rather turn-on-and-off-able.

This Doctor Who episode contains violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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