The Sheepman (1958) – 6/10 light western movie review

Cast / crew
Glenn Ford: Jason Sweet
Shirley MacLaine: Dell Payton
Leslie Nielsen: "Colonel Stephen Bedford" / Johnny Bledsoe
Mickey Shaughnessy: Jumbo McCall
Writer (Screenplay): William Bowers
Writer (Screenplay): James Edward Grant
Writer (Adaptation): William Roberts
Writer (Original Story): James Edward Grant
Producer: Edmund Grainger
Director: George Marshall

Sheepman, The (1958)

Jason Sweet rolls into a cattle-ranching town, punches out the local tough guy, and announces he’s moving in. With his herd of sheep.


Pacy awesome stranger western which suffers from a disagreeably predictable character for, an unconvincing performance from and lack of chemistry with Shirley MacLaine but is much better when Glenn Ford is locking horns with dastardly Leslie Nielsen (who at one point, with the entirely straight face that would become his trademark, rocks a hilarious pair of bright red trousers and a massive black belt). Experienced Destry Rides Again director George Marshall does a crisp job but the use of some speeded-up footage looks amateurishly silly.

This movie contains violence.

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