Doctor Who S33E11 The God Complex (2011) – 5/10 science fiction adventure TV review

Cast / crew
Matt Smith: The Doctor
Karen Gillan: Amy Pond
Arthur Darvill: Rory Williams
Writer: Toby Whithouse
Producer: Marcus Wilson
Director: Nick Hurran
Sarah Quintrell: Lucy Hayward
Amara Karan: Rita
Dimitri Leonidas: Howie Spragg
Daniel Pirrie: Joe Buchanan
David Walliams: Gibbis

Doctor Who S33E11 God Complex, The (2011)

The Doctor’s seeming inability to travel where he intends sees him and his companions arrive, unexpectedly, in a perfect recreation of an Eighties’ Earth hotel but this hotel may become their prison.


Weak Who with worthless lives in meaningless danger. As mentioned before, if you always put people’s lives in danger it’s no longer an extraordinary circumstance and loses dramatic impact. The story point of the episode, however, is excellent as the Doctor SPOILER leaves Amy and Rory to get on with their lives without him. It’s a true sacrifice that places the personal interests of others ahead of his own need for companionship and an audience.

This Doctor Who episode contains mild peril.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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