Night at the Museum 2 (2009) – 6/10 family-friendly fantasy adventure movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Shawn Levy
Ben Stiller: Larry Daley
Amy Adams: Amelia Earhart
Owen Wilson: Jedediah
Hank Azaria: Kahmunrah
Christopher Guest: Ivan the Terrible
Alain Chabat: Napoleon
Steve Coogan: Octavius
Ricky Gervais: Dr. McPhee
Bill Hader: General Custer
Jon Bernthal: Al Capone
Robin Williams: Teddy Roosevelt
Producer: Shawn Levy
Producer: Chris Columbus
Producer: Michael Barnathan
Writer: Robert Ben Garant
Writer: Thomas Lennon
Shawn Levy: Infomercial Father
Hank Azaria: Voice of The Thinker and Abe Lincoln

Night at the Museum 2 (2009)

Larry Daley is now running a successful business off the back of a couple of his own inventions when he finds out that the Natural History museum is being refitted and the old exhibits put into permanent storage. He decides that won’t do and sets about restoring his friends to their proper place because that’s how the world works in Hollywood and, no, it doesn’t make any sense but that’s what happens.


Though it replaces the positive message of the first (the past is worth learning about) with a standard selfish Hollywood message (only do a job you love; something commonly spouted by people who have no fiscal necessity to work), this is a fun, energetic family-friendly adventure with, surprisingly, an actually funny scene or two (especially an uncredited Jonah Hill’s Smithsonian security guard versus Ben Stiller).

This movie contains violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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