Support Your Local Sheriff (1968) – 9/10 comedy western movie review

Cast / crew
James Garner: Jason
Joan Hackett: Prudy
Walter Brennan: Pa Danby
Harry Morgan: Olly Perkins
Jack Elam: Jake
Writer: William Bowers
Producer: William Bowers
Director: Burt Kennedy

Support Your Local Sheriff (1968)

Jason McCullough is on his way to the final frontier, Australia, but decides to make a detour via Calendar, a new town that has just struck a rich vein of gold. Due to this new found wealth, however, prices in Calendar are extremely steep and he applies for the job of Sheriff to pay his way. However, the last three sheriffs had all been killed or run out of town. Will the same fate befall him or will the town support their local Sheriff?’


"He stuck his finger in the end of your what?"

Well-paced and unusually funny comedy western featuring the watchably charming James Garner and the hilarious looking Jack Elam in their best ever comedy roles. Writer / producer William Bowers worked in this genre almost exclusively but it never clicked like it does here. The setting works, the story works, the jokes are funny and the hero is even clever. This is a classic western, deserving of being listed alongisde your Magnificent Seven‘s and Unforgiven‘s but, because it’s a comedy, it will always be looked down upon.

This movie contains violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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