Agatha Christie’s Poirot S03E04 Wasps’ Nest (1991) – 7/10 period murder mystery drama TV review

Cast / crew
Writer: Agatha Christie
David Suchet: Hercule Poirot
Hugh Fraser: Captain Hastings
Philip Jackson: Chief Inspector Japp
Pauline Moran: Miss Lemon
Writer (Dramatisation): David Renwick
Martin Turner: John Harrison
Melanie Jessop: Molly Deane
Peter Capaldi: Claude Langton
Producer: Brian Eastman
Director: Brian Farnham
Executive Producer: Nick Elliott

Poirot, Agatha Christie’s S03E04 Wasps’ Nest (1991)

Buzzing, crawling creatures are low on Poirot’s list of favourites things at the best of times but he has even more for his little grey cells to worry about when he becomes convinced that a murder is in the air. If he can solve the crime that has not yet been committed, maybe he can prevent a murder instead of merely catching the culprit. Hastings has taken up photography (and taken over Poirot’s bathroom), Japp has a nasty stomach problem and Miss Lemon is advocating the goodness of her fitness class to Poirot.


"Good god; this is England. Jealous suitors don’t go around murdering people."

A career high for Poirot as he attempts to solve a murder before it happens. Both the plot and the murder that Poirot attempts to foil are cleverer than they first appear, writer David Renwick gives Poirot and Hastings some choice comedy moments (Poirot trying to move a box and Hastings engaging a pharmacist in conversation) and Poirot’s traditional summation rounds things off nicely.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.


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