The Iron Giant (1999) – 10/10 classic animated science fiction adventure movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Brad Bird
Producer: Allison Abbate
Producer: Des McAnuff
Writer (Screenplay): Tim McCanlies
Writer (Screen Story): Brad Bird
Writer (Original Book) The Iron Man: Ted Hughes
Head of Animation: Tony Fucile
Jennifer Aniston: Annie Hughes
Harry Connick, Jr.: Dean McCoppen
Vin Diesel: The Iron Giant
Eli Marienthal: Hogarth Hughes
Supervising Animator: Richard Bazley
Supervising Animator: Bob Davies
Supervising Animator: Stephan A. Franck
Supervising Animator: Tony Fucile
Supervising Animator: Gregory S.E. Manwaring
Supervising Animator: Steven Markowski
Supervising Animator: Mike Nguyen
Supervising Animator: Wendy Perdue
Supervising Animator: Christopher Sauve
Supervising Animator: Dean Wellins
Consultant: Ted Hughes

Iron Giant, The (1999)

1957: a meteor crashes into the ocean off the coast of Maine but the only witness reports are dismissed as drunken ramblings. Nine-year-old Hogarth Hughes tracks down the passenger, however, a giant iron man and even though he is hidden in the junkyard run by beatnik Dean McCoppen, it soon comes to the attention of the authorities.


When director Brad Bird has The Incredibles and Ratatouille to his name and yet this is easily his best film, it reaffirms just how special The Iron Giant is. This is as good as the best Disney, the best Miyazaki and better than the best Pixar. The voice work from Eli Marienthal and, particularly, Christopher McDonald is excellent, it is well animated and Michael Kamen’s music works well inside the movie. But beyond its technical construction, there’s something else; a magic that I think only exists in 2D hand-drawn character animation. I think you emotionally connect more easily to 2D hand-drawn characters than to anything else in cinema and The Iron Giant, like the best of Disney is a wondrous example of this. This is a delightful surprise and a neglected but undoubted masterpiece.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.

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