Portal 2 (2011, Steam PC, PS3) – 10/10 first-person puzzle game review

Cast / crew
Ellen McLain: GLaDOS, Turrets, Caroline
Stephen Merchant: Wheatley
J.K. Simmons: Cave Johnson

Portal 2 (2011)

Woken up from hibernation once more, you must escape from Aperature Laboratories with the help of Wheatley, a friendly A.I. core, and a familiar piece of technology: the portal gun. On your way out, however, you bump into a still-alive GLaDOS.


In an era where high-profile games are getting more and more horribly and gratuitously violent, playing Portal 2 is such a refreshing experience. It is styled as a first-person shooter but is a puzzle game of the very highest order. Why? It teaches you brilliantly. On top of this, it is the funniest game yet made. Stephen Merchant’s Wheatley is the undoubted star but he is given a surprising run for his money by J.K. Simmons’ Cave Johnson, both delivering their dialogue beyond brilliantly. Graphics are fantastic with some spectacular level deformation and great lighting effects as the levels construct themselves around you. That said, loading times are horrendous; it frequently feels like the loading takes longer than the puzzle. It very much breaks the atmosphere though the game is so strong that it immediately regains it once the gaming restarts. Oh, and then it has probably the greatest gameplay ending in video game history. This is, well, a bit special.

This game contains mild bad language.


One thought on “Portal 2 (2011, Steam PC, PS3) – 10/10 first-person puzzle game review

  1. Your main enemies in the game were splicers, inhabitants of Rapture who had spent so much time engaging in
    gene splicing to enhance themselves that they had become mutated and insane.
    The ‘Bio – Shock Infinite’ soundtrack will feature 28 tracks.
    There is still some room for originality in video gaming, of course;
    there wouldn’t be a Bio – Shock 2 or a Portal 2 without Bio – Shock and Portal, after all.

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