Haze (2008) – 6/10 PS3-exclusive science-fiction first-person shooter game review

Cast / crew
Bertie Carvel: Shane
Rupert Evans: Duvall
Carlos Riera: Merino
Chad Ellis: Teare
Mikey O’Conner: Pshy
Martin T. Sherman: Watchstrap
Creative Director: Derek Littlewood
Lead Programmer: Mark Tully

Haze (2008)

Sent in to assassinate a terrorist leader who wears a coat made of human skin, your gung-ho awesomeness simply cannot conceive of defeat thanks to the use of advanced military hardware that can cloak the bodies of the slain and a drug called Nectar that boosts human performance and abilities. But this battle will not turn out the way you expect.


Commercially and critically this was perceived as something of an unmitigated disaster but it’s not (and sales of about 900,000 isn’t terrible by any means). I found the ugly box art off-putting while the demo’s notably un-HD graphics were received with horror (ironically hazy with a tiny draw distance; even worse than Halo 3). Even so, the game itself plays great, has an interesting story arc and ticks all the feature boxes with full campaign split-screen co-op up to online multiplayer with all the toys, vehicles and weapons you would like. However, Haze is one of those games that will be alternately really awful and really cool. For example, there’s a section where you’re supposed to drive into a large clearing in your car and engage in vehicular combat with the enemy. But the ramp into the area is broken (deliberately; not a bug) and, because I couldn’t see this, my car dribbled over the edge and got stuck when I just drove up the ramp instead of flooring it. So the battle became man versus vehicle. A bit unfair, a bit rubbish. Yet then I managed to cleanly shoot an enemy driver and gunner and commandeer their vehicle and my guy even tipped the dead driver out the door. Then the AI buddy climbed into the back and manhandled the dead gunner out of the way. Brilliant! Then a minute or so later, the game forgot to draw the floor and hard-locked the PS3. Hmm.

This game contains sexual swear words and fictional substance abuse and graphic violence.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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