L.A. Noire (2011, PC Windows) – 9/10 post-WWII 1940’s detective thriller game review

Cast / crew
Director: Brendan McNamara
Writer: Brendan McNamara
Producer: Naresh Hirani
Technical Director: Franta Fulin
Lead Gameplay Programmer: David Heironymus
Lead Designer: Alex Carlyle
Art Director: Chee Kin Chan
Lead Artist: Ben Brudenell
Production Designer: Simon Wood
Graphic Designer: Andrew Hamilton
General Manager: Vicky Lord
Production Coordinator: Lara Derham
Composer (Score): Andrew Hale
Composer (Score): Simon Hale
Aaron Staton: Cole Phelps
Michael McGrady: Rusty Galloway
Adam John Harrington: Roy Earle
Sean McGowan: Stefan Bekowsky
Keith Szarabajka: Herschel Biggs
Gil McKinney: Jack Kelso
Erika Heynatz: Elsa Lichtmann
John Noble: Leland Monroe
Peter Blomquist: Dr. Harlan Fontaine

L.A. Noire (2011)

Hero GI Cole Phelps returns to the LAPD with his Silver Star and a rapid promotion to detective. As his case-closing and straight-arrow reputation rises, however, the closer he gets to the corruption and violence that the cream of Los Angeles use to further their own ends.


This is a brilliant change of pace as a highly competent detective adventure game gets wrapped up in an ambitious Grand Theft Auto-style play area with superb facial capture technology. It marks what must be the first time you can play as a fairly aspirational character in a major Rockstar game. L.A. Noire is a great game despite what I think are two major mistakes. First is the decision to ape profanity-laced L.A. Confidential 1940’s instead of witty fast-talking, no F-words Humphrey Bogart 1940’s. The second is the inability to shoot to disarm or wound. In L.A. Noire, every gunfight results in a pile of bad guys; you are given no choice and not rewarded for non-fatal precision. While the game mechanics sometimes feel like they’re being laid bare thanks to comical eye-rolling and head wobbling, there are many moments where the game achieves a very special, unique feeling. There are also lots of little touches (talking to your partner in the car gives you directions, taking a car from a disliked car salesman’s lot elicits an appropriate response, picking up your hat if you walk over to it after it gets knocked off in a brawl, car interior lights that work and more) that just delight when they occur. I want more of this; a CSI game, a true Bogart game, an Eddie Valiant Roger Rabbit game. We can dream.

This game contains sexual swear words, strong adult dialogue and extremely unpleasant and extremely gory scenes, strong violence and naked murder victims.

Classified 18+ by PEGI. The game is only suitable for adults who have reached the age of 18 or over..


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