Journey to the Center of the Earth (2007) – 5/10 fantasy adventure movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Eric Brevig
Writer (Screenplay): Michael Weiss
Writer (Screenplay): Jennifer Flackett
Writer (Screenplay): Mark Levin
Producer: Charlotte Huggins
Producer: Beau Flynn
Brendan Fraser: Trevor Anderson
Josh Hutcherson: Sean Anderson
Anita Briem: Hannah Ásgeirsson
Seth Meyers: Professor Alan Kitzens

Journey to the Center of the Earth (2007)

Professor Trevor Anderson has seen these extemely rare seismic readings before: they occurred just before his brother set off on a Jules Verne-inspired trip from which he never returned. Seeking to find out what happened to him, Anderson travels to Iceland, taking nephew Sean with him, and with the help of attractive mountain guide Hannah, hikes to the seismic sensor’s location. When they arrive, a peculiar electrical storm forces them into a cave which collapses behind them. While looking for a way out, the trio will find much much more.


Competent, pacy time-passer but there’s just enough clumsiness to keep you from getting truly involved. Perhaps surprisingly, given the trailers, none of that is from Brendan Fraser here on the downslope of his brief popularity. He’s still in reasonable shape and is fine throughout. While there are some nice vistas, visual effects are not top drawer and undermine some scenes. More problematic is leaps of logic (a human outrunning a dinosaur, outrunning a shattering floor, nobody getting cooked by sitting in volcanic steam vents) and some of the bonding moments in the script. Particularly icky is the thirteen-year-old Sean calling dibs on an adult woman, ie., I’d like to embark on a serious and / or sexual relationship with her and ensure she goes to jail for statutory rape. Weirdly, if they’d made the character the same age as actor Josh Hutcherson, fifteen-years-old, it would have been legal (they’re in Iceland). I’m beginning to think clumsy isn’t the right word now.

This movie contains peril.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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