Columbo S01E05 Lady in Waiting (1971) – 7/10 detective drama TV review

Cast / crew
Peter Falk: Columbo
Susan Clark: Beth Chadwick
Jessie Royce Landis: Mother Chadwick
Richard Anderson: Bryce Chadwick
Leslie Nielsen: Peter Hamilton
Director: Norman Lloyd
Writer (Screenplay): Steven Bochco
Writer (Story): Barney Slater
Writer (Series’ Creator): Richard Levinson
Writer (Series’ Creator): William Link
Producer: Everett Chambers

Columbo S01E05 Lady In Waiting (1971)

When a woman murders her restrictive brother, she claims it was self-defense and the Coroner and Coroner’s Jury believes her. However, Columbo’s suspicions were raised by one little thing – the presence of an evening newspaper – and when he gets hold of something like that, he never lets go.


Well-paced Columbo with a good murder sequence and a satisfying opponent. She stops Columbo asking her one more question (though he claims he wasn’t going to anyway) and SPOILER even thinks about shooting him in the end. An unruffled Columbo gets out of that in his typically pleasant manner and it’s a nice end to a good episode. Especially in this last scene but as he would always be, Falk is outstanding. Nobody gets hassled by a small dog like Columbo.

This Columbo episode contains violence.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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