Two Worlds (2007, version 1.6 PC) – 7/10 open-world action role-playing game review

Cast / crew

Two Worlds (2007)

Your sister is kidnapped and held for ransom by mysterious forces who are scheming to open the tomb of Aziraal three-hundred years after your ancestors sealed him in it.


This is an ambitious, enormous, oddly charming action RPG that is fun to play and will easily hoover up twenty-five hours of your time. The most brilliant element of the game is item-stacking: if you find a weapon, shield or armor you already have, you can combine them to create a stronger version. Collecting loot is always one of an RPG’s most oddly satisfying pillars and item-stacking makes Two World‘s already excellent implementation a real selling point. The story about rescuing your hilariously under-dressed sister did involve me as did enough of the quests, caves, villages and locations (a bamboo forest was particularly lovely) of the game world. The combat had some nice moments and I happily clicked for hours. It also lightens up at times ("As you wish, oh master of the many wafting smells"; "I spent three years at the Shaven Back Monastery." "What’s their special power?" "Shaven Backs.") and I even got photo-bombed by a small dinosaur. This is the kind of game to which you form an unreasonable attachment and I enjoyed it a lot.

This game contains gory violence and your sister’s combination cleavage and side-boobs.

Classified 12 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 12 years and over.


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