Colombiana (2011) – 4/10 female revenge action movie review

Cast / crew
Zoë Saldana: Cataleya
Jordi Mollà: Marco
Lennie James: Ross
Amandla Stenberg: Cat – 10
Callum Blue: Richard
Michael Vartan: Danny Delanay
Cliff Curtis: Emilio Restrepo
Producer: Luc Besson
Producer: Ariel Zeitoun
Writer: Luc Besson
Writer: Robert Mark Kamen
Director: Olivier Megaton

Colombiana (2011)

Escaping with her life to America, orphaned child Cataleya has only one objective: become a professional killer and avenge her family.


Olivier Megaton’s inability to give his action any shape, location or story undermines this as it did Transporter 3. His film looks nice but is directed without style, pace, emotion or wit. On top of that, this is a remarkably unconvincing film from the plot (assassin kills people and draws a flower on them to reveal the location of a Colombian crime boss) through details of Zoe Saldana’s assassinations and escapes through to the operation and technology of the law enforcement personnel. Saldana never seems purpose- or venge-ful, therefore her emotional scenes aren’t earned and so her character simply does not work. The Japanese know how to make this kind of story. Olivier Megaton does not. In fact, I don’t think he knows how to tell any story.

This movie contains sexual swear words, adult dialogue and strong, graphic, gory violence and sexuality.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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