Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (2011) – 9/10 PS3-exclusive action adventure game review

Cast / crew
Co-President: Evan Wells
Co-President: Christophe Balestra
Creative Director: Amy Hennig
Game Director: Justin Richmond
Art Director: Erick Pangilinan
Art Director: Robh Ruppel
Lead Programmer: Pål-Kristian Engstad
Lead Programmer: Travis McIntosh
Lead Programmer: Christian Gyrling
Lead Texture Artist: Tate Mosesian
Lead Audio: Bruce Swanson
Lead Cinematic Animator: Josh Scherr
Lead Cinematic Animator: Eric Baldwin
Lead Gameplay Animator: Jeremy Lai-Yates
Lead Game Designer: Richard Lemarchand
Lead Game Designer: Jacob Minkoff
Lead Technical Artist: Mike Hatfield
Lead Technical Artist: Teagan Morrison
Lead Character Artist: Sze Jones
Lead Technical Character Artist: Hanno Hagedorn
Lead Lighting Artist: David Witters
Lead Visual Effects: Keith Guerrette
Cinematic Production Lead: Taylor Kurosaki
Director of Information Technology: Justin Monast
Writer: Amy Hennig
Music Composer: Greg Edmonson
Motion Capture & Voice Direction: Gordon Hunt
Nolan North: Nathan Drake
Richard McGonagle: Victor Sullivan
Emily Rose: Elena Fisher
Claudia Black: Chloe Frazer
Graham McTavish: Charlie Cutter, Zoran Lazarević
Rosalind Ayres: Katherine Marlowe
Robin Atkin Downes: Talbot
Billy Unger: Young Drake
Sayed Badreya: Rameses
T.J. Ramini: Salim

Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception (2011)

Treasure hunter and owner of the world’s strongest fingers Nathan Drake has been reduced to selling his prized Sir Francis Drake ring but, wouldn’t you know it, things don’t go as planned and everything is not as it seems. So, we’d better have a punch-up.


Oddly criticised for emphasising narrative over gameplay, the only significant problem with Uncharted 3 is too much gameplay, specifically, too many goons to kill. Taking out about 650 bad guys (not an exaggeration) to get to the end of the story is just too many; it keeps breaking the flow of the adventure. When they come, there are usually several waves to clear before the next door will open and every additional wave is entirely unwanted and unwarranted. The action is great, utterly thrilling, infuriatingly engaging and satisfying when cleared, and if you want more of it there are multiplayer arenas and coop modes but in the main story mode on Normal difficulty, where we’re itching to get to the next puzzle or area or bit of story, it’s a little bit wearisome and undermines the entire experience. But even with that issue, it’s still, unquestionably, a great game.

This game contains mild swear words and frequent gun violence, frequent melee violence, unpleasant scenes, inferred fantasy violence.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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