Despicable Me (2010) – 5/10 super-villain action comedy CG animated movie review

Cast / crew
Producer: Christopher Meledandri
Steve Carell: Gru
Jason Segel: Vector
Russell Brand: Dr Nefario
Kristen Wiig: Miss Hattie
Miranda Cosgrove: Margo
Will Arnett: Mr. Perkins
Julie Andrews: Gru’s Mom
Director: Chris Renaud
Director: Pierre Coffin
Producer: Janet Healy
Producer: John David Cohen
Writer (Screenplay): Cinco Paul
Writer (Screenplay): Ken Daurio
Writer (Original Story): Sergio Pablos
Executive Producer: Sergio Pablos
Animation Director: Lionel Gallat
Animation Supervisor: Laurent de la Chapelle
Supervising Animator: Pierre Avon
Supervising Animator: Nicolas Bauduin
Supervising Animator: Barthélémy Boirot
Supervising Animator: Luc Degardin
Supervising Animator: Jean Hemez
Supervising Animator: Pierre Leduc
Supervising Animator: Elisabeth Patte
Supervising Animator: Julien Soret
Pierre Coffin: Tim the Minion, Bob the Minion, Mark the Minion, Phil the Minion, Stuart the Minion
Chris Renaud: Dave the Minion
Ken Daurio: Egyptian Guard

Despicable Me (2010)

Super-villain Gru is as shocked as anyone when someone steals one of the pyramids in the crime of the century. In order to establish his superiority he needs an even more brilliantly villainous plan: to steal the moon.


Vaguely watchable but uncaptivating animated super-villain action comedy that pulled but a single laugh from me during the entire running time and didn’t connect emotionally despite, or perhaps because, of its blatantly manipulative efforts. As is common among the CG animated productions, some of the design work is terrific (Gru looks great and the kids are textbook cute) but characters are over-animated. Techniques that work well in 2D cell animation (squash and stretch, very fast pose changes) don’t really work with many 3D characters, especially humans. They need to be animated far more subtly and to be closer to reality in motion and ability. On top of an unengaging story (super-violence engenders trust and love) and average animation, Despicable Me builds to an atrociously dull and drawn out closing credit sequence that only works in 3D and leaves you wearily pining for the next Pixar movie.

This movie contains mild bad language and violence.

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.


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