Inkheart (2008) – 6/10 fantasy adventure movie review

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Cast / crew
Director and Producer: Iain Softley
Screenplay Writer: David Lindsay-Abaire
Writer (Original Book) and Producer: Cornelia Funke
Producer: Diana Pokorny
Brendan Fraser: Mo
Paul Bettany: Dustfinger
Helen Mirren: Elinor
Jim Broadbent: Fenoglio
Andy Serkis: Capricorn
Sienna Guillory: Resa
Eliza Hope Bennett: Meggie
Rafi Gavron: Farid

Inkheart (2008)

Nine years after his wife left, antique book restorer Mo travels the world with 12-year-old daughter Meggie looking for a particular rare book, Inkheart. When, at last, he finds a copy, he is confronted in the street by Dustfinger – a man who can conjure fire in his hands – and Meggie is about to learn the truth about her mother and father.


This is an unfulfilling, unflamboyant movie that takes a great-sounding idea then plods towards an entirely unwonderful climax constantly undermining itself with pop-up villains and a lack of involvement (despite good work from Brendan Fraser and the cast). However, it’s one of those films that may inspire you to write-the-wrongs, to take the good – the Silvertongue concept – and do something better with it. Also, do parents really read stories with undisguisedly sadistic villains and giant shadow monsters from hell to three-year-olds?

This movie contains mild violence, unpleasant scenes

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.


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