Prometheus (2012) – 5/10 science fiction horror movie review

Cast / crew
Director and Producer: Ridley Scott
Noomi Rapace: Elizabeth Shaw
Michael Fassbender: David
Guy Pearce: Peter Weyland
Idris Elba: Janek
Logan Marshall-Green: Charlie Holloway
Charlize Theron: Meredith Vickers
Writer and Executive Producer: Damon Lindelof
Producer: David Giler
Producer: Walter Hill
Writer: Jon Spaihts
Original Design Elements: H.R. Giger

Prometheus (2012)

2093: Scientific Exploratory Vessel Prometheus arrives at planet LV 223 following clues found in the writings of ancient civilisations picturing giant beings pointing to a universally unique constellation. They, luckily, fly over a deserted installation and stop to investigate. They’ll probably wish they hadn’t.


Disappointing science-fiction horror made by intelligent people producing stupid work about intelligent people doing endlessly stupid things. Yeah, it looks great, is technically proficient, skilfully showcases another world and features some good horror scenes but everything that occurs is the stupidest thing that could possibly have occurred. If the characters had pulled out custard pies and starting hurling them at each other, the film would have been at a higher intellectual level. And yet there is interesting stuff in here; fascinating and worthwhile questions. What if you met your creator and they disappointed you? What if a creator’s work disappointed you? Does a creator have the right to destroy his creation? Does a woman have the right to abort a life inside her? Was that really Guy Pearce under that awful old age make-up? Why was it Guy Pearce? Why on earth was it Guy Pearce?

This movie contains graphic violence, gory and extremely unpleasant scenes and sexuality.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.

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