The Mentalist S05E02 Devil’s Cherry (2012) – 2/10 crime detective drama TV review

Cast / crew
Creator and Executive Producer: Bruno Heller
Actor and Producer Patrick Jane: Simon Baker
Robin Tunney: Teresa Lisbon
Tim Kang: Kendall Cho
Owain Yeoman: Wayne Rigsby
Amanda Righetti: Grace Van Pelt
Dove Cameron: Charlotte Jane
Lee Garlington:
Yani Gellman: Julien
Writer and Executive Producer: Daniel Cerone
Producer: Matthew Carlisle
Director: Randy Zisk

The Mentalist S05E02 Devil’s Cherry (2012)

Six months after losing Lorelei to Red John, Jane is running on auto-pilot but a sip of tea at a gruesome crime scene leads him to a neighbour’s garden where he meets a young woman who claims to be his dead daughter Charlotte.


I’ve always said that writers resort to psychosis when they’re out of ideas and that’s what we have here. A gruesome coda is worth an extra star (the victim gutted himself under the influence of hallucinogens), Patrick’s daughter (Dove Cameron) is pretty and it’s slickly presented but they are the only positive features. The Mentalist needs to seriously pick things up or it’s going to lose this viewer.

This The Mentalist episode contains mild adult dialogue and extremely gory scenes.


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