In Time (2011) – 6/10 science-fiction on-the-run thriller movie review

Cast / crew
Writer, Producer and Director: Andrew Niccol
Producer: Eric Newman
Producer: Marc Abraham
Amanda Seyfried: Sylvia Weis
Justin Timberlake: Will Salas
Cillian Murphy: Raymond Leon
Vincent Kartheiser: Philippe Weis
Olivia Wilde: Rachel Salas
Matthew Bomer: Henry Hamilton
Johnny Galecki: Borel
Collins Pennie: Timekeeper Jaeger
Alex Pettyfer: Fortis

In Time (2011)

Everyone is genetically engineered to stop aging at 25 at which point you are given 1 year on your personal clock. When your time runs out, you die. Fortunately, you can earn more time but Will Salas is about to come into a century of time that will change his life. Maybe forever.


While it’s pacy and entertaining enough, this movie is still something of a failure. But it’s the kind of failure I want to watch and see more of. It takes an interesting concept and worthwhile topics and attempts to fold them into an on-the-run thriller but a lack of coherence (getting the plot from kidnapping Weis to Bonnie and Clyde feels like a cludge) and an ineffectiveness at explaining why our heroes actions are to be seen as good (they deliberately cause a global financial crisis – something that wasn’t too well received in the real world in 2008) mean that its welcome ambition isn’t quite realised.

This movie contains a single sexual swear just to make sure it’s a 12a / pg13, adult dialogue and violence and sexuality.

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.


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