Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971) – 8/10 comedy western review

Cast / crew
James Garner: Latigo [Smith]
Suzanne Pleshette: Patience
Harry Morgan: Taylor
Jack Elam: Jug May
Producer: William Finnegan
Writer: James Edward Grant
Director and Executive Producer: Burt Kennedy

Support Your Local Gunfighter (1971)

When conman Latigo Smith rolls into town escaping from the clutches of fiancée Goldie with all her money, he soon succumbs to his one weakness: the roulette table. And loses all his money, of course. However, he soon thinks up another scheme by getting local horse-holder (!) and town idiot Jug May to pose as legendary gunslinger Swifty Morgan and hiring out his services despite neither of them being able to fire a single shot in a straight line.


Terrific comedy western which may disappoint on first viewing because it is not in the same style as predecessor Support Your Local Sheriff (1968). It may go above the heads of youngsters by ditching the more slapstick elements of its predecessor Support Your Local Sheriff in favour of mind games and gags more related to human weaknesses. However, the adults in the audience will still enjoy this. Garner, Morgan and beautiful, big-eyed Pleshette are all on top form but are outshone by the wonderful Jack Elam as his trusting sidekick Jug May. There’s even three (count ’em) top-notch ‘ass’ jokes.

This movie contains adult dialogue and violence, unexpectedly and extremely unpleasant scene (just about off-screen finger-breaking, twice).

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.



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