Forza Horizon (2012, 360-exclusive) – 8/10 open-world racing game review

Cast / crew

Forza Horizon (2012)


The handling is exquisite, beyond anything yet experienced in an open-world racer, and the racing is challenging and fun (I love my Koenigsegg) but the environment graphics aren’t quite as good as they appear in screenshots. The colour scheme (all brown, unless it’s night when it’s all black, haven’t game makers heard of high beam), shallow view distance (good luck distinguishing concrete freeway off-ramp walls, junctions or even other cars during daylight) and forgettable scenery and roads even in daylight mean that, in motion, it is very challenging to remember tracks or routes or, on the freeway challenges, see far enough down the road ahead. It also has an excrutiating framework (a festival; think Motorstorm without the bravado but more voice-over), an embarrassingly cheating final race (when you get the car that keeps whupping you, it goes 40mph slower) and, appropriately for a Forza game, absolutely no heart. Also appropriately for a Forza game, the driving saves it.

This game contains sexual swear words in songs.

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