Limitless (2011) – 7/10 science-fiction thriller movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Neil Burger
Actor and Executive Producer Eddie Marra: Bradley Cooper
Abbie Cornish: Lindy
Robert De Niro: Carl Van Loon
Andrew Howard: Gennady
Anna Friel: Melissa
Johnny Whitworth: Vernon
Tomas Arana: Man in Tan Coat
Screenplay and Producer: Leslie Dixon
Producer: Scott Kroopf
Producer: Ryan Kavanaugh
Writer (Original Novel) “The Dark Fields”: Alan Glynn

Limitless (2011)

Eddie Morra is a blocked writer who is given a wonder-drug that unlocks the potential of his brain so that he can use every piece of information he has ever absorbed.


This is a movie that has an interesting core and is fine, pacy entertainment but there’s a nagging sense that it’s not fulfilling it’s potential; that it’s never quite as interesting as it should be. From the tired in media res opening onward, Limitless keeps undermining itself with worthless peril, inexplicable murders (the two in the park, especially) and a narration that too often tells us things we already know or were about to find out and what’s going through the screenwriter’s mind rather than the characters. Still, the idea that unlimited access to all information (like the Internet, perhaps) leads to attention deficit feels timely and, ooh, look! A funny cat picture.

This movie contains extremely unpleasant and violent dialogue, adult dialogue, mild sex scenes, pervasive substance abuse, strong violence, extremely gory scene, extremely unpleasant scenes.

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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