Man of Steel (2013) – 6/10 superhero action movie

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Cast / crew
Director: Zack Snyder
Screenplay and Story Writer Based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Entertainment: David S. Goyer
Story Writer and Producer Based upon characters appearing in comic books published by DC Entertainment: Christopher Nolan
Producer: Charles Roven
Producer: Emma Thomas
Producer: Deborah Snyder
Characters Creator Superman: Jerry Siegel
Characters Creator Superman: Joe Shuster
Clark Kent / Kal-El: Henry Cavill
Lois Lane: Amy Adams
General Zod: Michael Shannon
Jonathan Kent: Kevin Costner
Martha Kent: Diane Lane
Laurence Fishburne: Perry White
Antje Traue: Faora-Ul
Ayelet Zurer: Lara Lor-Van
Christopher Meloni: Colonel Nathan Hardy
Russell Crowe: Jor-El

Man of Steel (2013)

Sent to Earth to escape the fate of his doomed civilisation, Kryptonian Kal-El, as Clark Kent, grows up into an urban myth, as elusive as he is heroic. When an alien craft is discovered, Clark not only learns more about his origins but brings extinction-level doom to the planet he now calls home.


This feels like a film that has had all depth edited out in favour of wall-to-wall noise and never earns the dramatic impact it is endlessly punching people through buildings for. Man of Steel does have strengths, though. Critically, Cavill is terrific, looks amazing, instantly is Clark Kent and Superman and is never overwhelmed by the shadow of Christopher Reeve. Amy Adams defies her ridiculous part to connect and convince and Hans Zimmer’s music delivers emotion and grandeur that what remains of the story and characters lack (though he does make the mistake of using extremely similar music for goodies and baddies). Snyder probably shot a much better film than this, but it feels like he’s edited away the heart, soul and any potential magic in favour of super-dudes (and dudette) super-punching each other for two-and-a-half hours.

This movie contains incessant super-violence

Classified 12A by BBFC. Persons under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

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