Knowing (2009) – 7/10 disaster horror movie review

Cast / crew
Rose Byrne: Diana
Chandler Canterbury: Caleb Koestler
Ben Mendelsohn: Phil Beckman
Director and Producer: Alex Proyas
Nicolas Cage: John Koestler
Story and Screenplay Writer and Co-Producer: Ryne Douglas Pearson
Producer: Todd Black
Producer: Jason Blumenthal
Producer: Steve Tisch
Screenplay Writer: Juliet Snowden
Screenplay Writer: Stiles White

Knowing (2009)

Caleb Koestler receives an envelope from a fifty-year-old time capsule containing children’s pictures of the future but his envelope doesn’t contain a picture; it contains a double-sided sheet of numbers scrawled down helplessly by a young girl. He feels compelled to take it home with him where his Dad, John, becomes convinced that the numbers are prophetic.


This is significantly more interesting and moving than the doom-saying disaster epic you may think it would be. In fact, I’d say it is more of a horror film. While the plot does feel like it has a couple of problems (Why does Cage go to Manhattan? Purely to be an unneeded audience surrogate.) and I suspect one or two plot strands were brutally slashed down to a word or two (the authorities knowing and the ever-hotter weather), Knowing connects emotionally. Cage is generally on good form here (he really sells the climax) and even gets to go briefly nuts on a tree with a baseball bat. Director Alex Proyas stages things surely and delivers two impressively harrowing disaster scenes even to those of us used to seeing screen destruction. This is clearly going to be a slightly forgotten movie and it’s a shame more people don’t know about it.

This movie contains Mild swear words, harrowing scenes of disaster, scary scenes

Classified 15 by BBFC. Suitable only for persons of 15 years and over.


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