Hugo (2011) – 5/10 adventure movie review

Cast / crew
Director and Producer: Martin Scorsese
Writer: John Logan
Writer (Book) “The Invention of Hugo Cabret”: Brian Selznick
Producer: Graham King
Producer: Tim Headington
Producer: Johnny Depp
Ben Kingsley: George Méliès
Sacha Baron Cohen: Station Inspector
Asa Butterfield: Hugo Chabret
Chloë Grace Moretz aka Chloe Moretz: Isabelle
Ray Winstone: Uncle Claude
Emily Mortimer: Lisette
Christopher Lee: Monsieur Labisse
Jude Law: Hugo’s Father

Hugo (2011)

“This might be an adventure.” A orphan tries to repair an automaton which is his only connection to his Father but it will upset his precariously balanced existence.


Another flat Scorsese movie that glides from start to finish and features a great central performance from Asa Butterfield but never connects emotionally and is too full of actors waving at their mums and saying ‘Look! I’m in a Scorsese movie.’ (Butterfield and Jude Law excepted.) There is a horrendous lack of magic when the movie is trying to soar, the adventure neglects to suspend your disbelief and the comedy and romance are painfully clunky; Scorsese simply does not have the light touch, the finesse needed for whimsy and humour. In the making of, producer Graham King says ‘who better to do this than Martin Scorsese?’ Every frame of every second of this movie you’re thinking: Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Hayao Miyazaki, Stephen Spielberg maybe Woody Allen; categorically, emphatically not endlessly revered "greatest director ever" "master" Martin Scorsese.

This movie contains mild peril, mild unpleasant scene

Classified U by BBFC. Universal: Suitable for All.

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