Windows 8.1: Won’t go to Sleep

Just a quick note to share the solution to a problem I had with Sleep mode after upgrading to Windows 8.1, namely, the computer would not go to Sleep automatically.

For me, the fix was to leave the Homegroup.

I did this by typing Homegroup into Start, selecting Homegroup Settings and clicking Leave.

Further notes

Normally, when trying to solve Sleep-related problems, your best bet is to open an Administrator PowerShell or Command Window and run the command powercfg /requests.

However, in this case, powercfg always stated that Nothing was keeping my computer awake. Not terribly helpful.

2 thoughts on “Windows 8.1: Won’t go to Sleep

  1. Yep, thanks also. I can finally get the machine to sleep after a recording (WMC). Strange they would activate this with the upgrade.

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