The Mentalist s06e01 The Desert Rose (2013) – 5/10 detective serial killer drama

Cast / crew
Executive Producer, Series Creator and Writer: Bruno Heller
Patrick Jane: Simon Baker
Teresa Lisbon: Robin Tunney
Kendall Cho: Tim Kang
Wayne Rigsby: Owain Yeoman
Grace Van Pelt: Amanda Righetti
Josie Davis:
Jack Plotnick: Brett Partridge
Lauren Stamile:
Gale Bertram: Michael Gaston
Producer: Michael Weiss
Producer: Erika Green Swafford
Producer: Simon Baker
Director and Executive Producer: Chris Long
Producer: Matthew Carlisle

The Mentalist s06e01 The Desert Rose (2013)

After getting a police officer shot, Lisbon and Jane are sent on an out-of-the-way case where a body has been found in the desert. While both are shook up about the startling revelation that Red John knew Jane’s seven suspects (Bret Stiles, Gale Bertram, Ray Haffner, Reede Smith, Robert Kirkland, Thomas McAllister, Brett Partridge) two months before Jane knew, Jane wants solitude but Lisbon needs an outlet.


A weak start to season six with two out-of-thin-air solutions undermining the rather more interesting and understandable increase in stress between Lisbon and Jane. Their argument proves a pivotal, if slightly contrived, moment for the episode setting up a pivotal, if slightly contrived, climax that should guarantee us watching next time. It’s also a relief to see Jane realise his error and try to apologise repeatedly instead of his usual thing of smugly grinning that ‘he was right all along and the ends justify the means, so there.’

This The Mentalist episode contains extreme graphic gun violence, gory and unpleasant scenes, adult dialogue


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