Young Detective Dee: The Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013) – 7/10 fantasy martial arts action movie review

Cast / crew
Director, Producer and Writer: Tsui Hark
Writer: Chang Chia-Lu
Producer and Writer: Chen Kuo-Fu
Detective Dee Renjie: Mark Chao
Angelababy: Yin
Kun Chen:
Feng Shaofeng: Detective Yuchi
Carina Lau: Empress Wu

Young Detective Dee: The Rise of the Sea Dragon (2013)

Dee arrives in the Imperial City but his attempts to assist justice in the town are disrupted by personal jealousy, a beautiful woman, being repeatedly sentenced to death and / or imprisonment and, er, some kind of super-strong reptile man.


While the previous Detective Dee movie featured scientific explanations for apparently supernatural events (if I remember correctly), this one, well, doesn’t. It features a monster man (caused by parasites, apparently) and an honest-to-goodness giant sea monster. Yeah. There’s a notable lack of detective work, too, with Dee simply possessing a frequently derided but miraculous insight because that’s what the paper-thin story requires to move forward. Fortunately, as entertainment, it’s still fun, impressive stuff told with some consistently lovely visuals and boasting some gleeful imagination in the action scenes. I particularly enjoyed a horse crash (not sure if I’ve ever seen that before) and a dude slicing a flying bee in half but there are a generous number of sweet action moments. This is really a six-star movie but with enough moments of joy and irresistible insanity to add up to a whole other star.

This movie contains violence, torture scene, unpleasant scenes



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