LEGO Jurassic World (2015, PS4) – 7/10 family action puzzle game review

LEGO Jurassic World (2015)


More of the same with the odd good gag (there’s a terrific Jaws gag in the The Lost World segment that I almost wish had been in the actual movie) but while the tinkle of collected LEGO studs and minifig animation remains as delightful as ever (the diving animation is hilarious the first time you see it and adorable every time after that and the bald caps are wonderful), the core gameplay sadly requires no thought or attention at all. This isn’t light puzzling; collect A, B, and C and take them to D isn’t a puzzle, it’s following a list of instructions. Unfortunately, fun, readable puzzles are time-consuming and difficult to come up with and TT Games are busy squirting a few of these out every year. The general absence of rewarding gameplay in the last few years of LEGO games should be hurting the franchise more but although the game part has all but disappeared the charm has not.

Content Summary

This game contains violence, unpleasant and scary scenes

Cast / crew

Director: Jon Burton


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