Battle Doll Angelic Layer anime HD wallpapers

HD wallpapers for the wonderful Battle Doll Angelic Layer anime (my review).

These are massively resized DVD captures. The orange one (matches some Linux distributions nicely) is of Hikaru when she has been first constructed and the other is of the post-ad interstitial from the second half of the series.

The original Angelic Layer logo from the interstitial didn’t survive the resize and so I removed it and created a new sharper logo by taking the logo from a high quality scan of a DVD cover. The wings took more work than expected to carefully cut out of the original image but the end result are good large wallpapers with a soft but clear main image and crisp logo.

1920×1080 1920×1200

Hitomi Yoshino Moto GP 3 (Namco) Pit Babe HD widescreen wallpapers 1920×1080 1920×1200

Following Reiko Nagase and Ai Fukami, Hitomi Yoshino was Namco’s third CGI promotional model. Her first assignment was on Namco’s Moto GP 2 (when she was 19!?) but she garnered even greater exposure on their next release: Moto GP 3.

Though apparently forgotten (along with the rather uglier Ai Fukami), here are some wallpapers commemorating her time in the spotlight.

The final wallpaper is not of her but needed to be included. Valentino Rossi and chequered flag underwear upskirt? Awesome!

1920×1080 1920×1200

Pit babe HD 1920×1080 widescreen wallpaper – Ferrari F1 reflected in glasses

As this source image was not suitable for a simple crop to 1920×1080, I decided to have a bash at using some of the more advanced features of Paint.NET to construct the wallpaper.

My previous photo editing program was PhotoImpact but I had been dissatisfied with the amount of time it took to load for a long time. However, PhotoImpact does have a number of extremely powerful features and some really useful little bits and bobs that I will miss.

One of these is the option to store preset sizes under custom names on the resize dialog. For example, I had one named “folder.jpg” which resized the image to 256 by 256 pixels. A nice little feature.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider Legend HD widescreen wallpapers 1920×1080

Lara Croft has enjoyed a resurgence of late with the release of Legend and Anniversary helping to mitigate the misery of a number of sub-standard games and two fairly useless movies.

To celebrate here are two 1920×1080 widescreen wallpapers, one with the original colour balance and another with an auto-adjusted colour balance. The original high resolution image can be seen to the right. I don’t remember where I got it from but I think it was out of the official fan site kit.

Images hosted at Shareapic.

Cute Asian Babe Ai Otsuka in black HD widescreen wallpaper

I have no idea who this girl is but she is pretty and worthy of a 1920×1080 HD widescreen wallpaper or two.

UPDATE 8 April 2008: Turns out she is a musician named Ai Otsuka and this is a photo used for the cover of her single Daisuki da yo. She has the world’s most unflattering picture on her Wikipedia page.

Images hosted at Shareapic.

Adriana Lima in delightfully cute badminton outfit on an HD widescreen wallpaper

Adriana Lima is a 26-year-old Brazilian model (the term supermodel is ridiculous) and is seen here in a very attractive picture wearing a badminton-themed outfit (frequently incorrectly referred to as a tennis outfit). As with most models, though they clearly don’t realise it, she is at her most attractive when not trying to be sexy.

Adriana Lima in cute badminton outfit tennis

Images hosted at Shareapic.

Jennifer Lopez HD widescreen wallpaper

While the quality of Jennifer Lopez’s artistic output may be wildly variable and she remains a better actress than singer, there is no denying that, at her physical peak, she was a lovely-looking woman who photographed well, especially when she wasn’t trying hard to appear sexy. This is a wallpaper of one of my favourite photographs where she looks great but isn’t visibly concentrating on looking great.

Update February 2008: Image host changed to Shareapic.

Bullet Witch HD widescreen wallpapers

Middle-aged men make video games for middle-aged men under the pretence of making them for teenage boys. Hence the preponderance of full-breasted, half-dressed ladies wielding every kind of weapon ever invented.

Alicia Claus is the star of Atari / Cavia’s Xbox 360 videogame Bullet Witch and, yes, she is full-breasted and half-dressed. However, she also, in this promotional render, exhibits excellent attention to detail in an area often overlooked: the face.

In game, yes, she wields a ridiculous weapon but it does have the distinction of being unusual. Her ‘gun-rod’ is a gun with the silhouette of a broom which doubles as a magic rod. Obviously.


Update 6 February 2008: Image host changed to Shareapic.

Heavenly Sword concept art HD widescreen wallpapers

My Heavenly Sword wallpaper taken from the PlayStation 3 cover has proved to be rather popular so I’ve made another one from the concept art released for this game.

Nariko’s original pose was blowing the smoke from the end of her hilariously over-sized gun (which is presumably made of polystyrene or something) but her lips were too far apart and so looked a bit odd. As I was cropping the picture without the end of the gun, the lips looked ever odder. So I fiddled a bit and closed her mouth. She now looks like she is pursing her lips but it’s more fitting than it was before.

The reason I cropped the picture as I have is because I was more interested in her red flowing hair and the curve of her waist-hips-upper thigh than in her face. I don’t particularly like her face in most of the concept artwork (the version on the PS3 cover and in the game are much nicer). It was too mean, not feminine (or even human) enough. While the cover and game have different faces (I suspect the face was ‘westernised’ for the cover), they both look much more like women.

When I had finished the hair version, I decided to make one with the full gun but with my adjusted mouth.

Anyway, enough chit-chat.

Nariko concept hair and curves.

Nariko concept with full gun. And hair and curves.

Update: image host changed and concept art changed to original super-gigantic, MEGA-HD size. I that deserves an exclamation mark. !

Pit Babes HD widescreen wallpaper: Warming us up in Winter

The hard winter of the drought of motorsport is upon us with the close of the World Rally Championship season and the A1GP winter break so here are a couple of pit babe wallpapers to keep us warm as we look forward to the continuation of A1GP (20th January 2008) and the start of the WRC (19th January 2008), MotoGP (10th March 2008) and Formula One (16th March 2008) series.

Foster’s grid girls (by Michael Kunkel)

Hawaiian Tropic grid girls

Previous pit babe wallpapers:

Be The Stig!

I’m already a Gran Turismo fanboy but today’s announcement of a collaboration between the best driving game franchise in the world and the best motoring show in the world, BBC’s Top Gear, is joyous news.

Though pricing hasn’t been announced, Gran Turismo 5‘s GT TV feature will see 40 episodes of Clarkson and friends’ driving sideways, going ‘arrr’ and talking about yoghurt dripping down Keira Knightley’s something-or-other whilst mixing metaphors like master chefs buzzing around a honey pot.


On top of that good news, GT5 will also feature the Top Gear Test Track. This is something particularly close to my heart as I made a version of the Top Gear Test Track layout for Nadeo’s wonderful TrackMania Nations ESWC Edition.

Presumably it will be available for time trial only as the circuit reuses the same bit of tarmac between Follow Through and Chicago. Looking at the track map above the circuit flows thus: Start/Finish, Chicago, Hammerhead, Follow through, Bacharach, Gambon. That said, Top Gear does sometimes feature races between two or three cars on the Top Gear Test Track so let’s hope that some kind of wheel-to-wheel racing does make it in alongside the time trial and, with a bit of luck, drift trial modes.

Slimm Says



Faces of Nariko Heavenly Sword HD widescreen wallpaper

It’s been interesting to see some of the development work for Heavenly Sword particularly with regard to the leggy heroine, Nariko. Here are my final two Heavenly Sword HD wallpapers and they are constructed from the artwork for the game showing the development from concept to final cover. I hope you like them.

3 faces

2 faces

Buy-before-you-buy insanity on Xbox 360

The purpose of a demo is allow a consumer to play a game to determine whether they would like to stump up the price to purchase the product. It is also sometimes referred to as try-before-you-buy. In my mind a demo is, by far, the best way to advertise your product and the most likely element of the marketing campaign to convert a browser into a buyer.

Xbox 360 has outstanding online content offering downloadable demos for every Live Arcade game and many of the premium disc-based games.

Issue #74 of the US Official Xbox Magazine (OXM) announced a digital edition of their editorial and disc content. It will cost 200 Microsoft Points or about $2.50 (is real money not good enough for Microsoft or something?). An explanatory post by Dan OXM can be found online on this Xbox forum thread.

The most interesting thing is the comment that the downloadable content

will/can contain exclusive demos.

This means that it may be possible that you are interested in buying a game but in order to play the demo you will have to pay $2.50. Now it has to be pointed out that exclusive demos have also appeared on the disc of OXM meaning you had to pay the price of the magazine in order to play them. Therefore, this idea of buy-before-you-buy is not new.

What possible benefit can be gained, however, from dissuading your potential customers from playing the demo of your game? With a $60 price tag on Xbox 360 disc-based games, you really do want to be sure you are going to like the game, to be able to get along with its control scheme and to be sure that the game’s difficulty is within your ability. The only way to resolve these questions is to play a demo.

Surely, a person who is denied access to the demo is less likely to buy the game at full price. Surely, a person who is charged $2.50 to play the demo is going to have a lower opinion of the company producing the game. Why would a company deliberately restrict the number of people exposed to their product, deliberately undermine their own reputation and deliberately make potential consumers feel like they are simply wallets and not people? Surely, this is insanity.

With real money being spent on largely worthless, frequently transient advertising campaigns usually targeted at people who were going to buy the game anyway, why are companies even considering taking their single most potent and potentially indefinitely-lasting selling tool, the playable demo, and restricting its availability and, therefore, ability to turn interested parties into gaming parties?

Jade Raymond

That brings up the thought that Public Relations departments in the videogame industry tend to be generally awful but that and Jade Raymond, the lovely exception that proves the rule, are a topic for another day and a great excuse for a picture of a pretty lady.

Heavenly Sword HD widescreen wallpapers

Sony have released final box art for their upcoming babe bearing big blade baddie bashing extravaganza.

While heroine Nariko’s face looks different from every piece of pre-release artwork (see horrible example on right) I really think she looks much better with human eyes. It’s also good to see that, while she is typically impractically under-dressed for endless combat and is presented with a weapon she clearly couldn’t wield, she appears to be convincingly proportioned.

It still has to be said that games, like movies, have little idea what to do with female stars. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think only Half-Life 2 has got it completely right with the realistically proportioned, attractive, personable and capable Alyx Vance.

Anyway, here is Heavenly Sword‘s Nariko in all her flame-haired glory.

Heavenly Sword - Nariko - 1920x1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm
Heavenly Sword – Nariko with subtle PS3 fat branding – 1920×1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm
Heavenly Sword - Nariko (clean) - 1920x1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm
Heavenly Sword – Nariko (clean) – 1920×1080 1080p HD widescreen wallpaper by Mister Slimm