Hitomi Yoshino Moto GP 3 (Namco) Pit Babe HD widescreen wallpapers 1920×1080 1920×1200

Following Reiko Nagase and Ai Fukami, Hitomi Yoshino was Namco’s third CGI promotional model. Her first assignment was on Namco’s Moto GP 2 (when she was 19!?) but she garnered even greater exposure on their next release: Moto GP 3.

Though apparently forgotten (along with the rather uglier Ai Fukami), here are some wallpapers commemorating her time in the spotlight.

The final wallpaper is not of her but needed to be included. Valentino Rossi and chequered flag underwear upskirt? Awesome!

1920×1080 1920×1200

Pit babe HD 1920×1080 widescreen wallpaper – Ferrari F1 reflected in glasses

As this source image was not suitable for a simple crop to 1920×1080, I decided to have a bash at using some of the more advanced features of Paint.NET to construct the wallpaper.

My previous photo editing program was PhotoImpact but I had been dissatisfied with the amount of time it took to load for a long time. However, PhotoImpact does have a number of extremely powerful features and some really useful little bits and bobs that I will miss.

One of these is the option to store preset sizes under custom names on the resize dialog. For example, I had one named “folder.jpg” which resized the image to 256 by 256 pixels. A nice little feature.

Pit Babes HD widescreen wallpaper: Warming us up in Winter

The hard winter of the drought of motorsport is upon us with the close of the World Rally Championship season and the A1GP winter break so here are a couple of pit babe wallpapers to keep us warm as we look forward to the continuation of A1GP (20th January 2008) and the start of the WRC (19th January 2008), MotoGP (10th March 2008) and Formula One (16th March 2008) series.

Foster’s grid girls (by Michael Kunkel)

Hawaiian Tropic grid girls

Previous pit babe wallpapers: