Facial Hair of the Month: Sexy dude on Zuza Fun

Seen on a slightly disturbing (maybe NSFW) page titled I Feel Sexy on Zuza Fun.

I think this fellow has missed a trick here. Just imagine how awesome it would be if he had styled his moustache into a pair of glasses. Okay, maybe not that awesome. What would be unquestionably awesome is if he could, like villains in cartoons when they get shocked by something, twirl and untwirl his moustache just by thinking about it.

Facial Hair of the Month: John Howard of FASA Interactive

John Howard is FASA Interactive’s Lead Designer on their ambitious Xbox 360 / Windows Live-enabled first person shooter Shadowrun.

In this interview for Gamespot.com a previously unsuspected chin-beard of near miraculous sturdiness is revealed. One suspects one could tell the time simply by looking at the shadow he casts on the ground.