LEGO® Lord of the Rings (2012, PSVita) – 8/10 action game review

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Cast / crew

LEGO® Lord of the Rings (2012)


Successfully imbuing adorable tiny LEGO characters with the feeling of their big-screen counterparts (Gimli always raises a smile running into walls and I love the thwang of Legolas’ archery), this is a wonderfully honed jaunt through Middle-Earth. TT’s usual problem with communicating what you’re supposed to do in boss battles is present and correct but otherwise this is a slick, delightful experience. Interestingly, this game contains a bonus Big Head mode and it shows just how well designed all the characters are; giving them Big Heads makes them look awful. It demonstrates what a knife-edge there is between charismatic, cute, charming and off-putting and uninvolving. The designs and animations of the characters are genuinely perfect.

This game contains

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (2011, PlayStation Vita) – 8/10 action adventure game review

Cast / crew
Writer and Director: John Garvin
Technology Director: Christopher Reese
Production Manager: Gerald Harrison
Lead Engineer: Joseph C. Adzima
Lead Environment Artist: Francois Gilbert
Story Consultant: Amy Hennig
Nolan North: Nathan “Nate” Drake and Jose Parrot
Richard McGonagle: Victor “Sully” Sullivan
Jason Spisak: Jason Dante
Christine Lakin: Marisa Chase (only her grandfather calls her Marisa)
J.B. Blanc: Roberto Guerro

Uncharted: Golden Abyss (2011)

Brought on as consultant with fellow treasure hunter Jason Dante, Nathan Drake is in a Panamanian jungle thinking he’s helping an buddy out but is about to find himself up to his ears in double-crosses, malevolent generals, gunfire and gold. So, after hooking up with an attractive female companion, very much business as usual.


This is a spectacular, beautiful, fun, challenging and addictive must-buy game. You’ll be wanting to play it when you’re not but not always when you are. The reason is the same as that which blighted Uncharted 3, particularly: the story and characters can’t support the killing – or defeating as the game’s trophies coyly, or deceitfully, put it – of this many bad guys. Still, the encounters are all exciting with well-judged difficulty, meaning forward momentum isn’t halted for too long. Some of Drake’s new investigative abilities are highly welcome. I loved the rubbing and jigsaws and using a real world light to see hidden symbols and the peculiar but charming way he claps his hands together after regaining his balance.

This game contains bad language and strong violence.