Microsoft Word: Change Case Keyboard Shortcut Shift+F3

I often paste an address from a PayPal receipt and it never ceases to amaze how often people have entered their address without proper capitalisation; not for their name or even their postcode.

Word provides a function that changes the case of selected text (Format menu->Change Case) but it feels quicker just to go through and change the capitalisation by hand. However, there is a keyboard shortcut for this function: Shift+F3.

This cycles your text through “lowercase”, “UPPERCASE” and “Title Case” or “Sentence case”. If you’ve selected what appears to be a single sentence or line, Title Case is applied and all words are capitalised. If you’ve selected what appears to be multiple sentences or lines, Sentence case is applied and the first word of each sentence or line capitalised.

Microsoft Word Paste Special As Unformatted Text Keyboard Shortcut

I have cause to repeatedly use the Paste Special -> As Unformatted Text function in Microsoft Word. However, it is not terribly convenient to paste then adjust using the Smart Tag or paste using the Edit -> Paste Special dialog box.

So, add I have added a macro called PasteSpecial and assigned it to a keyboard shortcut.

  • Pre-2007: Select Tools -> Macros.
    2007:  Click Macros on the View ribbon.
  • Type PasteSpecial into the Macro Name box and click Create.
  • Replace the auto-generated code with that below.
    ' PasteSpecial Macro
    Sub PasteSpecial()
      Selection.PasteSpecial DataType:=wdPasteText
    End Sub
  • Save.
  • Pre-2007: Select Tools -> Customize -> Keyboard…
    2007: Select Word Options from the Office button at the top left. Then Customize, then find Keyboard shortcuts and click the Customize button next to that.
  • Select the category Macros, then PasteSpecial from the Macros list.
  • Click in Press New Shortcut Key and press your desired keyboard shortcut. I have used Ctrl+Shift+V which is normally assigned to paste format, something I don’t think I’ve ever used from the keyboard.

Of course, the thing now is will I remember my new keyboard shortcut? What’s the betting I carry on using the mouse to paste unformatted text!?