G-Force (2009) – 6/10 fantasy action adventure movie review

Cast / crew
Director: Hoyt H. Yeatman, Jr.
Writer: Cormac Wibberley
Writer: Marianne Wibberley
Writer (Original Story): Hoyt Yeatman IV
Writer (Original Story): David P.I. James
Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer
Executive Producer: David P.I. James
Bill Nighy: Saber
Will Arnett: Kip Killian
Zach Galifianakis: Ben
Nicolas Cage: Speckles
Sam Rockwell: Darwin
Jon Favreau: Hurley
Penélope Cruz: Juarez
Steve Buscemi: Bucky
Tracy Morgan: Blaster

G-Force (2009)

The FBI are about to shut down G-Force, a team of genetically-engineered guinea pigs, and to avoid the axe, they decide to run their first live mission and prove how useful they can be.


This is a reasonably fun, furiously-paced action movie with unexpectedly expensive-looking special effects. It simply never seems to be a movie warranting such investment (Box Office Mojo reports a $150 million production budget) as the script is weak and lifeless. It feels like someone took a typical bottom-shelf action script and swapped human characters for guinea pigs and called it a day. As it is, the special effects are absolutely the best thing about the movie and help bring the quality voice-work of Nicolas Cage, Steve Buscemi and Jon Favreau to life.

This movie contains scenes of peril.

Classified PG by BBFC. Parental Guidance.

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