The Hunter (1980) – 7/10 biopic action Steve McQueen movie review

Cast / crew
Producer: Mort Engelberg
Director: Buzz Kulik
Steve McQueen: Papa Thorson
Eli Wallach: Ritchie Blumenthal
Kathryn Harrold: Dotty
LeVar Burton: Tommy Price
Ben Johnson: Sheriff Strong
Writer (Screenplay): Ted Leighton
Writer (Screenplay): Peter Hyams
Ralph Thorson: Bartender
Christopher Keane: Mike
Writer (Original Book) Based upon the life of: Christopher Keane
Writer (Original Book) Based upon the life of: Ralph Thorson

Hunter, The (1980)

Ralph Papa Thorson is a bounty hunter who retrieves criminals who have skipped bail. Some are easier to catch than others but one former target has just been released from prison and wants to kill the man who put him there.


While easily criticised for a lack of characters arcs and genuinely having no story (every twenty minutes Papa Thorson goes and catches a new unrelated baddie; that’s his job), this is an entertaining enough, attention-keeping production with some useful action scenes and Steve McQueen rather brilliantly subverting his reputation by running out of puff during action scenes and running into everything during driving scenes.

This movie contains mild swear words and brief graphic violence, melee violence and sensuality.

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