Story of the Week and People More Talented Than Me: Sara Watson’s Invisible Skoda

Sara Watson photographed in front of an 'invisible' Skoda

Look closely at the picture above. There’s a Skoda parked there and art student Sara Watson has meticulously painted it so that, from this angle, it matches the surroundings and appears transparent. Very cool.

The original story appeared on and

People More Talented Than Me: Karl Janssen of Contaminated Case Creations

This picture on the left looks like an Assassin’s Creed-branded shield and sword display. And it is. What is also is is a PS3! (Click on the picture for a closer look.)

This is a custom case modification produced by Karl Janssen of Contaminated Case Creations.

His site contains pictures of other commissions and user cases but I think this is definitely his best work.


People More Talented Than Me: Carl Warner

Carl Warner is a photographer and the really cool thing that he does is photograph landscapes that are made out of objects, in particular, food.

For example, the picture on the left here is made entirely out of food with the sea being made out of red salmon, rocks out of potatoes, etc. You can see a mini-gallery of his foodscapes on

You can see higher quality versions of the same pictures and more at his web site which, unfortunately, is a bit of a user-unfriendly Flash monstrosity so expect to have little idea what to do and lots of new windows and it to be unusable at any resolution under 1024×768 (in fact, even on that resolution part of the interface falls off the bottom of the window when you view some photos). Anyway, the gallery I’m talking about is called Photographics and, when I was last there, is opened by clicking the orange box. The picture above and his other Foodscapes can be seen on the second page of the Photographics album which is accessed by clicking the little portfolios at the bottom left.

I also liked a couple of the landscapes on the first page of the Photographics album with a forest made out of boots and a cityscape made out of consumer electronics such as iPods and Xbox 360s.

Go take a look.


People more talented than me: Kamiya Satoshi

The world has about six-and-a-half-billion people more talented than me.

One of them is Kamiya Satoshi who is a young origami genius. His work is showcased at (the site is in Japanese but select Gallery from the box at the top left which has additional English titles for the models; some of the most amazing are 2005/Ryuzin 3.5, 2002/Ancient Dragon and 2002/Wizard) and his patterns for most of the models can be purchased.

Now remember Origami is the art of folding paper.

Now check out this video which showcases the man’s top three models and shows him working on them.

People more talented than me: Guido Daniele

The world has about six-and-a-half-billion people more talented than me. One of them is Guido Daniele, an artist.

His most striking work is a body painting technique which renders astonishingly convincing animals on human hands. Below are some of my favourites but you see the full set on his official site under the Body Painting section. Please note that some of his work features nude models and may not be safe for work.