(Most Disappointing) Story of the Week: Military robot ‘hops’ over walls

And I quote (from news.bbc.co.uk):

“The robot is able to leap over fences and walls.”


“Video footage has been released of a robot that can leap over obstacles more than 7.5m (25ft) high.”

And there’s video footage? Yes; yes, there is. Now go and watch it.


Story of the Week and People More Talented Than Me: Sara Watson’s Invisible Skoda

Sara Watson photographed in front of an 'invisible' Skoda

Look closely at the picture above. There’s a Skoda parked there and art student Sara Watson has meticulously painted it so that, from this angle, it matches the surroundings and appears transparent. Very cool.

The original story appeared on telegraph.co.uk and news.bbc.oc.uk.

Story of the Week: The ‘misunderestimated’ President’

Story of the week is an article from the BBC news team collating some of President George W. Bush’s vocal faux pas: The ‘misunderestimated’ President. It’s almost as funny as a page of Murray Walker’s legendary slips-of-the-tongue except Murray Walker wasn’t Commander-in-Chief of the world’s most technologically-advanced killing machine.

Story of the Week: Stupid criminal leaves his address at robbery

Robbery suspect leaves his address at robbery (news.bbc.co.uk). While I’d like to say ‘only in America,’ the truth is, of course, that stupid criminals exist everywhere. Though I don’t want to be a criminal, a teensy, teensy part of me hopes that if I ever did, I’d at least try to take over the world from a dormant volcano.

Story of the Week: World Record Ostrich Sandwich Attempt

Long story short

Iranians attempt to make the world’s longest sandwich filled with ostrich meat. The BBC reported on this with a nice video and I have a capture below:

ostrich sandwich

Problem number one:

This is not a sandwich. It is a lot of sandwiches placed end-to-end. Surely, it’s not just me that noticed that.

Problem number two:

The Iranians eat the sandwich before it could be measured by the attending Guinness World Record officials.

Story of the Week: Giant Doggy-Do Attacks Switzerland

I suppose we shouldn’t be shocked that people will literally pay for, well, anything, as long as it’s called art. I imagine artist Paul McCarthy is still laughing hysterically and more power to him. A fool and his money, as they say.

Photo by Samia Mirza

Anyway, that isn’t the story. This is.