Secret Service (2008, 24-Alike Conspiracy First-Person Shooter) – 6/10 game review

Cast / crew
Game Designer: Jozef Hudec
Director: Jozef Hudec
Project Manager: L’uboš Kubiš

Secret Service (2008)

As part of the President’s Secret Service detail, you face the worst situation possible when an all-out attack on his life is made and you become the key player in stopping a military coup.


Satisfactory shooter which feels like a couple of episodes of 24, good 24, that is. It looks nice, handles okay (though not perfectly) with the Call of Duty control scheme (something a surprising number of shooters stupidly fail to do), and features baddies that sound like they keep saying "Carlos Santana forever" which rules (they’re actually saying Costa Sentava). There’s also some nice touches (grandfather clocks in the White House tick), the script and voice-acting is definitely above-average, and the music is terrific (very Bourne Conspiracy). It’s tightly focused on the story at hand and all the better for it.

This game contains gun violence.